Natural Holidays in the Hotel zur Post Salzburg

If you want to enjoy your holiday wholeheartedly and with a good conscience, you should watch out for the Bio-Paradies Salzburg sign. Hotels and restaurants which are part of the ‘Bio-Paradies Salzburg’ organisation focus especially on environmental awareness and sustainability. In the Hotel zur Post you can taste our commitment every day with our hearty organic breakfast, where locally produced products guarantee the perfect start of your day. Moreover, our hotel is an official partner of Bio Austria, an association of Austrian organic farmers. In 2012, a new hotel association was founded, the Sleep Green Hotels. These hotels, like the Hotel zur Post, share the ambition to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. We have collected all the facts about our ‘green’partners and projects on a special sub-page of the Hotel zur Post website. If you have any further questions, we are happy offer you more information.

For more and more people environmental awareness and sustainability have become important aspects of their lives. Of course, this commitment does not end at your front door- on the contrary: your holiday should reflect these values as well. The Hotel zur Post, with its central and yet quiet location, offers a naturally pleasant stay in the beautiful city of Salzburg. In our traditional, family-run hotel we know that environmental protection is our duty. Our commitment has been awarded with the Austrian and the European Eco-Label and as a member of the Climate Alliance we are dedicated to the use of renewable energy.

You can find more information about our sustainability here.


The Austrian as well as the European Ecolabel are not only important awards for the Maier family and the Hotel zur Post, but they are also guarantees for the guests of our house that in this hotel environmental protection is an essential part of our business-philosophy. Private companies and public institutions were trying to meet these new requirements. As a reaction to this development, the Austrian Ecolabel was founded in 1990, at the initiative of the environment minister at the time, Dr. Marlies Flemming.  During your stay at our hotel you should relax and enjoy the comforts of our house and not worry about the ecological consequences of your holiday. Therefore, we take great care to fulfill the high quality standards of the Austrian Ecolabel, for example with our organic breakfast buffet.

The Austrian Ecolabel was founded as an award for companies and service providers for their contribution to the protection of the environment. The Ecolabel  is awarded  to products, businesses working in tourism and educational institutions. It also provides the public with information about the environmental impact of the production, use and disposal of consumer goods. The Ecolabel is the highest honor of this kind in Austria and seeks to motivate hotels and restaurants as well as their guests to contribute to the protection of our environment.


The Sleep Green Hotels are a newly founded association of independent hotels, which focus on the responsible use of resources and the reduction of their carbon footprint. Every hotel follows a different strategy to contribute to environmental protection and yet they have one thing in common: the sensible and  considerate use of precious natural resources.

You can find more information about the Sleep Green Hotels here.