Salzburg: a city and its churches

For many centuries, Salzburg was one of the religious centres of Europe. Although no longer ruled by the archbishops, the city’s face is still dominated by the many churches, which reflect the architecture of different periods. Below you will find a selection of the most famous churches and abbeys in Salzburg.

The must-see churches on your visit to Salzburg

Probably the most famous church of Salzburg is the Salzburger Dom (Cathedral). The vast building had to survive 10 fires before it was rebuilt as we see it today in 1614. You can join one of the free guided tours or visit one of the regular services held in the Cathedral. The oldest church in the city centre is the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church), which is built in the Gothic style. Close to the Franziskanerkirche is the Stiftskirche St. Peter, one of the oldest abbeys in the German-speaking countries.  Another highlight is the Kollegienkirche, also known as Universitätskirche (University church). This beautiful church will enchant you with its magnificent Baroque style. Only a short walk from the hotel, you will find theMaxglaner Kirche.

Close to Salzburg’s churches: The Hotel zur Post

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