A fusion of art, architecture and fine dining: the Hangar 7 in Salzburg

One of the newest and most versatile landmarks of Salzburg is the Hangar 7. Originally, the former storage building close to the  Salzburg Airport was supposed to house a collection of historic aircrafts, but today the hangar also includes an art gallery, a venue for cultural events and an exclusive restaurant. The fusion of its many different functions turns the Hangar 7 into one of Salzburg’s most exciting locations. Not only fans of modern architecture will be thrilled by the spectacular ambience under the artfully curved glass dome.

The Flying Bulls: the centrepiece of the Hangar 7

Apart from the changing art exhibitions and exquisite cuisine, the Hangar 7 is also famous for its large collection of historic aircrafts. ‘The Flying Bulls’ are an association of aviation enthusiasts, who do not only exhibit their often rare models, but also keep them in excellent shape so that they can participate in renowned air shows. In addition to the arts exhibitions, the aircrafts presented in the Hangar 7 can be considered works of art as well and are undoubtedly the centerpiece of the collection.

A different side of Salzburg: from the Hotel zur Post to the Hangar 7

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Hangar 7