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The Getreidegasse is rightly considered one of the landmarks of Salzburg: hardly a postcard is missing
on in photo of the famous historic shopping street. This explains their very special charm
traditional appearance, which has changed little over the centuries. Still today
one historic old building nestles up against the next, decorated with the famous guild signs,
which once betrayed the profession of their inhabitant.

Foray through the Getreidegasse

But it is not just the facade of what is probably the most famous street in Salzburg that fascinates, but also the view of the
Backyards can be extremely rewarding. Through so-called passage houses one reaches the today
magnificently renovated courtyards, ranging from cozy cafés to chic boutiques for every taste
provide a suitable offer. Strolling in a historical ambience - there is hardly a place that could do this
be nicer than in the Getreidegasse in Salzburg.

The Hotel zur Post: Only a few minutes to Getreidegasse

In order for your stay in Salzburg to be a real pleasure, the accommodation should be right. Kure ways
to the most important attractions of the city ensure that you get the best after a great day of vacation
can relax. The Hotel zur Post in Salzburg's Maxglan district offers you exactly this comfort.
From here you can reach the famous city center in just a few minutes by bus. Book
Your dream vacation now - with the convenient online booking or in person on the phone.

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