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With over 180 rooms and three magnificent inner courtyards, the Salzburg Residence is one of the most impressive
figureheads of Salzburg. Its impressive floor plan is explained in a look at the history of this
Historical sight: Since the end of the 16th century, the complex was residential and
Seat of government of numerous prince-archbishops, which gave the palace its typical appearance. From here
was governed, friends and important contacts were invited here - to magnificent rooms and halls,
which with beautiful ceiling paintings and other Tvoic characteristics of the early baroque
are provided.

Residenz Salzburg and its current importance for Salzburg

You should take your time to visit the residence: with state rooms such as the knight's hall,
Audience hall, casket room or imperial hall, the palace offers numerous sights in just one
place in Salzburg. In addition to its historical significance, the residence still fulfills one today
Another purpose: The magnificent premises offer the perfect setting for events from
classical concert to a play.

The Hotel zur Post: Your accommodation for a visit to the Salzburg Residence

You don't want to miss any sights in Salzburg? Then it could be the Hotel zur Post or the Villa
Ceconi may be just right for you. Thanks to the central location, all of the city's highlights are within easy reach
to reach - meanwhile your own car parks comfortably and free of charge in front of the house. Secure yours
Desired date and enjoy Salzburg with all its historical sights - the booking
conveniently via online request or by telephone.

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